Producer/ Designer

1988 Born in Kanagawa Prefecture
Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design, Department of Graphic Design
Studied abroad at Birmingham City University in the U.K. while still a student and developed an interest in visual expression.

Joined biogon Pictures in 2011.
Worked as a designer and art director in parallel with production work.
After working as a creative and production manager, she is now mainly in charge of producing children's programs.
She started working on the pilot version of E-television's "Nozy's Idea Workshop" in her second year with the company,She is now a core member of the team and plays a key role in the program's production.

Favorite things
Fine art,art exhibitions, theater performances, traveling by bullet train, admiring flowers, and enjoying tea.

[Main works]
NHK E-television "Nozy's Idea Workshop" 2013-
NHK E-television "Nozie's Let's! Idea Workshop" 2022-
NHK E-television "Mukareru ika no Kimochi
Amazon Prime "Atsumare!Amazon Kids: Let's play with Shimajiro!"
Benesse Kodomo Challenge Steps DVD "Hey, look at me!"
Benesse Kodomo Challenge StepsDVD "Gao Gao-san's Familiar Mystery Discovery!"
CHI-MEY HP renewal Design.

[Design/Art Direction]
Amazon Prime "Atsumare! Amazon Kids: Let's play with Shimajiro!"
NHK Job Hunting Support Campaign "Don't be afraid. NHK Job Hunting Support Campaign "Kowanai, Ganko-chan ver.
NHK E-television "#Moshikashite shindoi? Campaign to Think about Abuse" NHK E-television
NHK E-television "Discover Science" program graphics and posters
Posters and flyers for "The Great Science Experiment in Miraikan" exhibition
UNIQLO "How to Wear Yukata" movie graphics
Yuka Iguchi "HELLO to DREAM" MUSIC VIDEO & jacket Art direction
Bentham "OMG" jacket artwork, tour product sales design
Curated biogonArt exhibition vol.1