Advertising and marketing videos cannot be done without understanding client’s values. We thoroughly absorb the corporate image our clients wish to share with the public, and embed them into the video producing process. Through sophisticated planning, execution and effective visualization, we engage viewer reputation and help increase business opportunities.


We have collaborated with some popular Japanese artists and idol groups like Shoko Nakagawa and AKB48, to produce cutting-edge music videos which appeal to both fans and to those who are not. Such videos are available on DVD and can also be found on YouTube.


We make educational TV programs that trigger children’s intellectual curiosity. Unique devices are brought in the program to demonstrate well-planned scientific experiments and arts and crafts. This approach has been highly rated both in and out of the country, resulting in prestigious awards.


Biogon Pictures Inc. has been working with many leading companies and brands in Japan, including NHK; the national public broadcasting organization, Honda; one of the best-known automakers in the world, and Sony: one of the world’s largest multi-national conglomerate. We also provide our works to small but highly-motivated venture companies which are expanding their businesses with unique and fresh ideas.


Biogon Pictures is currently composed with 14 members, all working as a team. We are small in numbers, but each member is exceptionally skilled and experienced in directing, filming, editing, and designing. We are doing our utmost to create high-quality videos on a daily basis.


Our mottos are “FUN” and “COOL”. Keeping those mottos in mind, we stay focused on living up to client expectations as well as delivering videos that can contribute to society. We hope to share our videos with everyone and make our clients satisfied. As a company seeking to evolve, we are willing to challenge into new fields beyond video production.


"Discover Science"

"Winner: Best Children’s Programme"

15th Asian Television Awards, 2010 – Singapore
"Silver Screen, Educational: Primary / Elementary School"

44th U.S. International Film & Video Festival, 2011 — Los Angels, U.S.A.
"ABU Prize, Category: TV Youth"

ABU Prizes 2010 — Tokyo, Japan
"Primary Category: The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Prize"

JAPAN Prize 2010 — Tokyo, Japan
"Silver World Medal, Educational / Instructional"

New York Festivals, 2011 — Las Vegas, U.S.A.

"Nozy’s Idea Workshop"

"Certificate, Educational: Pre-School/ Kindergarten" 47th U.S. International Film & Video Festival, 2014 — Los Angels, U.S.A.

"Mimicries –
The Secret of Black and Yellow"

"Pre-school Category: The Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Prize" JAPAN Prize 2014 — Tokyo, Japan


Commercial Films

“PLUG IN HYBRID” LA Motor Show Movie
“Stream” Web Movie
“WOW!” Web Movie
“LEGACY2013” Promotional Video
“BRZ” Development Movie
“LEGACY X-Sedan” Beijing Motor Show movie
“Cyber-shot RX100 & WX350” Web Movie
“SRS-X9/X7/X5/X3″Web Movie
“86S J001 HAKONE “Making Movie

Music Videos

Shoko Nakagawa

TV Programs

NHK “Discover Science”
NHK “Nozy’s Idea Workshop”
MUSIC ON! TV “Lis Ani! TV”